Wattle and Daub

A load bearing structure, generally made with wood, is closed with infill wall panels. The latter are made of a lattice plastered on both sides with a plastic soil.

The lattice frame holds the soil and gives rigid panels. This lattice is often made of reeds, sticks or bamboo. It has been extensively used in many parts of the world: in developing countries as well as in Europe. In France (Normandie & Bretagne) the earth was often stabilized with the urine of horse: the ammonia contained in the urine gave water resistant properties, to a certain extent, to the soil.

Somalia, Genale - Village huts
Burkina Faso, Boncoucou - Reinforced earth
Nigeria - Reinforced earth - Photo CRATerre/ENSAG
France, Alsace - House
France, Bresse, Saint Triviers de Court - Farm house
Brazil - House - Photo J. Zanine
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