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The Auroville Earth Institute (AVEI), previously known as the Auroville Building Centre/Earth Unit, was founded by HUDCO, Government of India, in 1989. The former building centre progressively evolved and took the name of the Auroville Earth Institute in 2004.
AVEI is a non-profit organisation registered under the Foundation of Auroville, which is an organisation of the Government of India.
In the intervening years, the Auroville Earth Institute has become one of the world’s top centres for excellence in earthen architecture, working in 36 countries to promote and transfer knowledge in earth architecture. The work of the Earth Institute has attempted to revive traditional skills and to link ancestral and vernacular traditions of raw earth construction with the modern technology of stabilised earth.

Auroville Earth Institute office, Auroville, India Waterproofing earth construction technique research
Auroville Earth Institute training courses Realization Community, Auroville, India

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