Formed Earth (Straw Clay)

Very clayey soil, in a liquid state, is poured on straw, which has been chopped to the desired length. The mix is generally tampered afterwards into forms. These walls are not load-bearing: they are light, have a very high thermal insulation value and must be built in a wooden structure. It was traditionally used in Germany and was re-used for reconstruction after the 2nd world war. It is mostly known with the name Straw clay. Straw clay can be used as a filler wall, formed between a wooden structure or as prefabricated blocks.

Belgium, Leuven (Photo H. Houben)
Germany, Darmstadt (Photo F. Volhard)
Germany, Darmstadt (Photo F. Volhard)
Germany (Photo F. Volhard)
Belgium, Overisse (Photo H. Houben)
Germany, Hessen, Gross Gerau (Photo F. Volhard)
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