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The various courses held in Auroville aim to introduce and promote the technology of raw and stabilised earth to build with. The AURAM equipment for earth construction and the technologies taught have been developed by the Auroville Earth Institute.
  **Due to community-wide precautions against Covid 19, CSEB Masonry (23rd to 28th March) and Bioclimatic Earth (13th to 27th April) have been cancelled.**

  Months     Dates Category    Details CSEB = Compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks
AVD = Arches, Vaults and Domes

All classes are held in English.

Training courses are restricted to 30 people and a written confirmation should be obtained before sending persons to attend a course.

Note that the courses are very intensive and that any lecture missed will be detrimental to the trainee.

A certificate will be issued at the end of every week and manuals will be given.

Trainees should bring working clothes for the masonry, production and intensive courses.

Extra training courses can be organised upon request (all listed in addition to earthquake resistance).

Minimum of 12 trainees is required, otherwise the course will be cancelled.
 February  17th to 21st
 CSEB  Intensive
 March  2nd to 7th
 AVD  Intensive
 9th to 14th
 16th to 21st
 CSEB  Design
 June  1st to 6th
 Special  Ferrocement
 15th to 20th
 22nd to 27th
 AVD  Theory
 July  6th to 11th
 13th to 18th
 20th to 25th
 CSEB  Design
 August  10th to 24th
 (2 weeks)
 Special  Bioclimatic
 September  31st Aug to 5th Sep
 7th to 12th
 CSEB  Production
 14th to 19th
 21st to 26th
 AVD  Theory
 November  2nd to 7th  Special  Wind Generator
 December  30th Nov to 5th Dec  CSEB  Intensive
 7th to 12th  AVD  Intensive
 14th to 28th
 (2 weeks)
 Special  Bioclimatic


                      Content Theory – Practice or
         hands on
CSEB Production Production of CSEB´s with Auram press 3000, soil selection, and set up of production units Theory (2 days)
Practice (4 days)
All skill levels
CSEB Masonry Construction of foundations, walls, columns, beams and arches with earth Hands on (6 days) All skill levels
CSEB Intensive(1) Combination of CSEB Production & Masonry Theory and Practice & hands on All skill levels
CSEB Design Design of buildings with CSEB Theory (3 days)
Practice (3 days studio)
Architecture background. AutoCAD basics required.
AVD Theory Structural stability studies of arches, vaults and domes built with CSEB Theory (2 days)
Practice (4 days)
Minimum of knowledge in mathematics and geometry
AVD Masonry Construction of arches, vaults and domes Hands on (6 days) Everybody
AVD Intensive(1) Combination of AVD Theory & Masonry Theory and Practice & hands on Idem as AVD Theory
Ferrocement Casting of various ferrocement items Hands on (6 days) Everybody
Bioclimatic Earth Design with earth in varied bioclimatic regions Theory, Practice & Design Workshop Architects and students of architecture
Wind Generator Design and construction of a wind generator Hands on (6 days) All skill levels
(1) Intensive weeks are a combination of a two week program, so everything cannot be taught into one week.
For content of the training courses please choose desirable course from the sidebar.

To get more details and register to a course please contact us.

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