Auramix 5000: Motorized Mixer

Context and need:
The Auram 4000 CSEB Press, with its 350 block per hour output, requires a flow rate of four cubic meters per hour of thoroughly mixed and moistened raw materials. This mix rate is impossible to achieve by manual mixing in small batches. Not only is it too exhausting for the workers, but the quality of the mix, especially regarding the moisture content, is too difficult to control.
Recognizing the need for a mixer that delivers a continuous flow of properly mixed materials, Aureka, in conjunction with the Auroville Earth Institute and the Innotec Group (USA), began a four-year development project; as such a machine was not commercially available.
Mix moisture was identified as a key control parameter affecting CSEB quality. Too much water, the material compresses too easily, resulting in CSEB that are too thin. Conversely, too little water, the material does not compress as easily, resulting in CSEB that are too thick. Controlling the mix moisture content, as well as the ratio of [soil:sand:cement], within acceptable tolerances, and delivering the resulting mix at a constant flow rate, was the main need to be addressed.
Batch mixes cannot meet quality specifications: moisture continuously evaporates from the mix, resulting in blocks made at the end of the batch that are too thick. In addition, small batch manual mixing cannot meet the Auram 4000 press’ need for 4 cubic meters per hour.

Design Constraints:
Once the mix requirements were understood and the fundamental design concept were determined, the team focused on designing a machine that was easy to operate, easy to maintain, durable and long-lasting.Such a machine also needed to be transportable, and had to withstand difficulties associated with processing abrasive, fine, and both dry and moist materials, as well as to be easy to set up and operate.
Finally, the mixer had to connect to the Auram 4000 CSEB press, plus have the flexibility to be mounted to any other press commercially available within the world market.

The Auramix 5000 meets all of the requirements . It delivers a constant stream of moist soil mix, for CSEB production, with user-set output flow rates of up to 7 m3/hour. The mixture that emerges meets all required specifications: ratios of [soil:sand:stabilizer], as well as mix moisture content and constant from the beginning of production to the very end; the machine is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and extremely durable.

Auramix 5000 in Action:
In this short video clip (Auramix 5000 in action with Auram 4000) you can see the Auramix mixing and feeding an Auram 4000 semi-automatic CSEB press. Note: a fully automated CSEB press is in final stages of development and will be available soon.

Auram press 4000 (semi-automatic) with the Auramix 5000

Please contact us with inquiries regarding ordering your Auram Crusher, Auramix 5000, and Auram 4000 CSEB Block Press. Units are currently in production. Request a quote and delivery date.

Also Available:
Soil for CSEB must be free of hard lumps and gravel larger than 10 mm. We have developed a soil crusher, the Auram Crusher (make this a hyperlink to its own page, when available), which is the perfect companion to the Auramix 5000 and the Auram 4000 CSEB block press. Below is a short video of the Auram Crusher.

Auram Crusher

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