New Hydraulic Presses Auram 4000 and Auram 6000

Today the Auroville Earth Institute is providing manual presses worldwide to produce CSEB through the workshop Aureka. The Auram press 3000 is sold worldwide, including USA and Europe. It is a multi-mould manual press which can fit 18 different moulds on it, for doing about 70 different types of blocks.

But there is an increasing demand for automatic hydraulic press, as labour is increasingly expensive in any country.

Recently Aureka, in collaboration with the Auroville Earth Institute developed prototypes of semi-automatic Auram Press 4000 and fully automatic Auram Press 6000.

The trial tests are being run these days (September 2012) on the prototype press and the pilot testing will be conducted in the coming weeks. The fully automatic press is foreseen to produce 420 Blocks per hour (theoretical output) and the trial testing showed a practical production capacity of 360 strokes per hour.

It is planned to start producing the press for sale by end of 2013.

You can watch a video clips for the basic production process with these presses below.

Prototype of the Auram press 4000 (semi-automatic) with the Auramix 5000

Prototype of the Auram press 6000 (fully automatic)
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