Bioclimatic Earth

2020 Training Dates:
13th to 27th April
10th to 24th August
14th to 28th December

The immemorial tradition of building with earth proves the capacity of versatile earth construction techniques to adapt to varied bioclimatic regions. This two-week design workshop will reinvestigate earth architecture predominantly through environmental reasoning.

Eligibility: Architects and Students of Architecture, Structural/Environmental Engineers. Others will be considered upon individual review.

Duration: Classes start at 9 AM and finish at 4:30 PM.

Course content:
Week One
- Be introduced to the characteristics of the different climatic zones.
- Learn the basics of earth construction.
- Establish an understanding of the principles of bioclimatic architecture.
- Study examples of vernacular earth architecture acclimated for environmental comfort.
- Practice methods and use tools of weather analysis, establishing initial design guidelines for different environmental conditions.
- Engage in hands-on practice with adobe, cob, rammed earth, and CSEB.
- Gain a basic understanding of a few environmental design simulation tools.

Week Two
- Students will apply the gained theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a design project; a challenge to design examples of innovative earth architecture adapted to the environmental conditions of different regions.

This intensive design workshop aims at providing designers with the knowledge needed to evoke their sensibility to simultaneously design with earth and with climate.

Omar Rabie
Omar K. Rabie

Omar Rabie is the founder of Unitary, and a lecturer at the Auroville Earth Institute. He is a holder of a Master of Science in Architectural Studies (SMArchS) Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and a Master of Science (MSc) in Sustainable Environmental Design from the Architectural Association in London (AA). Through his career, he has accumulated varied experiences in challenging environments, including working as a designer, and a team leader, in Takenaka corporation (Osaka), and Kengo Kuma and Associates (Tokyo). Omar is an International Union of Architects (UIA) awarded designer, and selected jury member for few international competitions including the Velux Award “Day light for Tomorrow.” Between practice and academia, he has been experimentally investigating design innovations connecting the areas of materiality, construction technology, and environmental sustainability. Omar has given lectures, participated in teaching and research in different reputable academic institutions, including MIT, AA, Tokyo University, and the Auroville Earth Institute. Through his design practice, research, lectures and studio teaching, Omar aspires to blur the line between today’s tech-savvy Gentleman Designer and yesterday’s environment- and material-sensible Master Builder.
Lara K. Davis 

With Guest Lectures and Jury Participation by Satprem Maini (DSA from CRAterre) and other Auroville architects.

Bioclimatic Earth

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