Arches, Vaults & Domes – Masonry

The AVD Masonry course is a practical, hands-on week in which trainees study constructive principles and techniques, and build various types and scales of arches, vaults and domes. The course focuses on the use of Compressed Stabilised Earth Block (CSEB) as a building material and vault construction methods developed by AVEI (e.g. the Free-spanning technique). Students comfortable with the academic level often take the AVD Theory course in tandem with this one.

Eligibility: All skill levels are welcome (e.g. engineers, architects, technicians, supervisors, masons, students and laymen).

Duration: Six day course; Classes from 8:30am to 6:15pm.

Course content:
- Construction principles for building Arches Vaults & Domes
- Building various arches with centring
- Building various vaults without centring (learning basics)
- Building various vaults without centring (creative work)
- Building various domes without centring

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