World Project Case Study

Mayotte as a development model with cseb
Mayotte, a French Territory in the Indian Ocean, has seen an exemplary development with CSEB since 1978-1979, where more than 30 millions blocks have been produced to build thousands of houses as well as public buildings.

It is without doubt a model for integrated development which is still going on nowadays.

Auroville Earth Institute appreciation: An outstanding project!!!

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La voûte nubienne: earth roofs in the sahel
The Association la Voûte Nubienne (AVN) has been working in Burkina faso since 1998 with an aim of promoting the Nubian vault / technique as wood is a scarce resource in the Sahel. The Association la Voûte Nubienne was presented the Ashoka Changemakers Innovation Award in 2006.

Auroville Earth Institute appreciation: A totally integrated and appropriate action!!!

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Chitra vishwanath architects
The aim of Chitra Vishwanath architects is to design looking at spaces as ecological spaces not just physical spaces. Response to climate, conserving and using natural resources judiciously, and eliminating waste streams are sought to be consciously built in to each project.

Auroville Earth Institute appreciation: Beautiful and integrated projects!

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Global Pagoda
On one of the hills of Mumbai stands the largest dome in the world with a diameter of 85.15 m. It is the meditation hall of the Global Vipassana Pagoda, which was built by Engineer Mahesh Varma from the Nandadeep Building Centre.

Auroville Earth Institute appreciation: the Eighth Wonder of the World!!!

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Gaudi, the Spanish architect from Barcelona, can be seen as a visionary of architecture but also of structures. His greatness as an architect is to be found in a prolific invention of forms and ways to study structures, especially vaulted ones.

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