The Auroville Earth Institute built this training centre in 2005-2006 for INDP, The Intercultural Network for Development and Peace.

This training centre was built in collaboration with INDP: Ms. Anjana Rai from the Auroville Earth Institute did the architectural design and the centre gave skilled workers for training local labour and supervising the construction site. INDP managed the construction site.

The training centre of 278 m2 was built with plain CSEB blocks, ferrocement roof channels and a CSEB cloister dome of 6.20 m span.

Training centre at Marakkanam

This training centre, named Kalangium is a multifunctional training centre based at Marakkanam, located at 30 Km north of Auroville. This village has a tribal population which was affected by the December 2004 tsunami. This training centre will be used for various fields for men and women and it will welcome these activities:
•    A Crèche for children below five years, whose mothers leave them there due to economical and social situation.
•    A Night School for children after their school hours, in order to get extra coaching for their academic lessons
•    A Computer Training Centre, where classes are given to student to have better work opportunities.
•    A Base for Rural Women Development training, so as to develop micro credit activities towards the development of micro enterprises.

INDP – Intercultural Network for Development and Peace

INDP is an Indian charitable trust registered at Chennai, which has been founded and is directed by Mr. B. Augustin Jaykumar. INDP states that development should be holistic and take into account the existence of five elements that are making part of human life: Social, Economic, Cultural, Political and Spiritual.

And to build peace, INDP feels that all the existing violent situations should be identified, denounced and fought through non-violent means and eradicated totally. To search for peace, is to obtain an understanding and knowledge of latent conflict, visible wars and violence, and thus analyze their origins and the interests at stake. Peace is always under construction and renovation and this process requires vigilance and patience.

INDP works with population below poverty line, in rural and urban areas in order to allow them to be part of the society. INDP conducts classes for social workers, pedagogical workshops, cultural events, street theatre. It also edits documents and publishes various books and articles for children, women and on the various developmental aspects.

INDP undertakes research with local and foreign students, works on cultural tourism.

INDP found that populations need to be supported in their development and also get an economical support. Therefore it has added an economic programme to its educational and cultural programmes. It created a society to operate its economical activities and leading towards the creation of economic enterprises: the micro credit system for its women groups, in the name of BRWD – “A Base for Rural Women Development”.

INDP, PO Box 207 – Pondicherry 605 001 – India
Telefax +91 (0) 413 – 234 4762

Stabilised rammed earth foundations
Ramming stabilised rammed earth foundation
Precasting a ferrocement channel
Precasting a lost shuttering with ferrocement
Precasting a sill
Building the plinth
Building walls
Fixing the template of the dome
Preparing the railing of the staircase
Inauguration on 17th March 2006
Meeting room with the cloister dome of 6.2 m span
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